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David and the Giant
David and the Giant

There was a young boy many, many years ago that the Bible tells us about, his name was David. Now David was a very special boy in God's eye's. Do you know why?

David believe in God with all his heart and know no matter what happen in his life he knew he would be all right as long as God was there.

One day David's dad Jesse wanted David to go an check on his three older brother's who were fighting a war to make sure they were okay and bring them some food. The name of the people that David's brothers were fighting with where a group of people called the "Philistines". These people were very bad people and they did not believe in God.

The Philistines were on one mountain and the people called Israel were on another mountain.(At one time long ago God's children were only the people who were called "Israel". David was one of these. Today all people are God's if we obey and do the things that he wants us to do. (Like believing that Jesus is his son.) God's children or people today are called Christian's.

Now when David got to his brother's a "Giant" man named Goliath
who was nine feet and ten inches tall who was in the Phlistines army, was yelling for someone to come and fight him. Just to look at Goliath would scare most people, for he had a "GREAT" sword and a very "BIG" spear and a "STRONG" shield.

All the army of Israel was afraid of him, but not David. The King of the people Israel offer great wealth to anyone who would kill the Giant. Goliath made fun of David when he step up to fight him because he was just a boy. All that David had to fight the Giant with was a staff made of wood that he used to take care of his father's sheep( this was his chore in his family), five smooth stone he got out of a stream or creek and which he put in his pouch and his sling shot, which made the Giant laugh even harder.

David had a secert weapon that the Giant didn't know about and that was God and with God all things are possible. Do you believe that he could kill the Giant?

David told the Giant today the Lord/God will help me kill you. The Giant ran toward David, he took a stone out of his pouch, put it in his sling shot and shot it at the Giant head. The Giant fell to the ground and his was dead.

Just like David if you love God and obey him and believe in God then all things no matter how hard or how big they seem are possible with God on your side.

When David got older he became the King of the people Israel.

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