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The vanishing hitchhiker of Deer Lake

Those of you who grew up in Deer Lake may be familiar with a spooky story involving the old spillway bridge. The bridge in question is just after the power house in Deer Lake, just before a little place that is called Spillway.
Several years ago there was a tale floating around Deer Lake which said that if you went driving in the night in that direction, you would sometimes see a hitchhiker.
This hitchhiker always took the form of a woman in a white dress, hitching for a ride to Corner Brook. If you stopped to pick her up and drove over to the side of the road, the woman would never be there. The puzzled driver would carry on and would not see the woman again.
If, poor soul, you did not stop to pick the woman up, an even more puzzling thing was said to happen.
Those who carried on down the road without her would often turn their head to look into the mirror to see the woma ... Read more »

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The Mekong River Basin is defined by the land area surrounding all the streams and rivers that flow into the Mekong River. This includes parts of China, Myanmar and Viet Nam, nearly one third of Thailand and most of Cambodia and Lao PDR. With a total land area of 795 000 square kilometres, the Mekong River Basin is nearly the size of France and Germany together. From its headwaters thousands of metres high on the Tibetan Plateau, it flows through six distinct geographical regions, each with characteristic features of elevation, topography and land cover. It would take 2 days of twenty-four hour driving at 100 km per hour to drive the same distance as the length of the Mekong River (4800 km). The most abundant resources in the Mekong Basin are water and biodiversity. Only the Amazon River Basin has greater diversity of plant and animal life. So much water flows into the mainstream Mekong from the surrounding basin area that, on averag ... Read more »

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The Mountain King and
the Water King

The 18th King of the Hung Dynasty had a beautiful daughter, My Nuong.
He loved her very much and wanted to find a suitable husband for her.
One day, two men came into the palace to seek the hand of this princess.
The first, the Mountain King, lived in the Tan Vien mountains, and had supernatural powers. He was able to create typhoon surges and raise mountains.
The other who was the Water King, also had supernatural powers. He could make strong winds and heavy rains.
The king judged both to be acceptable, but did not know which to choose, and asked advisers. After conferring, he announced the first one to bring a special gift would have his daughter. Each gift had to include 100 bowls of sticky rice, 100 cakes of sticky rice, two elephants with nine trunks, two chickens with nine spurs, and two horses with ni ... Read more »
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