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The Best Museums
  • War Remnants Museum (Ho Chi Minh City): Formerly called the Museum of American War Crimes, this ever-evolving collection is the face of Vietnam's war past. Exhibits are insightful and certainly rife with rhetoric, but offer a unique glimpse at propaganda from "the other side," and a yin to the heavy yang of Western reporting and documentation of the war years. A unique perspective and a must-see.


  • The Cham Museum (Danang): This open-air colonial structure houses the largest collection of Cham sculpture in the world. Many of the 300-plus Hindu-inspired carvings are captivating.


  • Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts (Hanoi): This large colonial structure houses a fine collection of new works, historical lacquer and silk paintings, woodblocks, and folk and expressive works in oil.


  • Ho Chi Minh Museum (Hanoi): Like the War Remnants Museum, the Ho Chi Minh Museum is a battleground of ideology. Located adjacent to his very tomb, the museum tells the tale of the revolutionary from cradle to grave.

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